Finding work in OSHC

We often get enquiries about people looking for work in OSHC services in SA. OSHC services employ both unqualified and qualified educators - however qualified educators are more highly sought after so you have a better chance of work if you have a diploma or degree in Care or Education, or you are a third or fourth year teaching student. Other requirements for undertaking work in the OSHC sector include a criminal history screening and Responding to Abuse and Neglect certification, but these can be undertaken by the workplace once you have found a position (although you cannot begin work with children until you have the correct police clearance).

Services generally employ staff individually - there is no one place to apply to for OSHC work. The best way to obtain work is to visit the OSHC services in your area and enquire about current and future opportunities. A listing of OSHC services/search engine in South Australia may be found here.

Alternatively you can look for positions advertised below, or on the following websites:


OSHC positions in SA

OSHC Director

Hackam East OSHC

Job Details Here

OSHC Director, Level 6

Nairne School

Job Details Here

Job Ad


Linden Park Primary OSHC

Job Details Here


My OSHC Prescott, Para Vista

Job Details Here

OSHC Assistant Director, Level 5

Grange Primary School OSHC

Job Details Here

Job Ad Here

OSHC Director, Level 6.1

Saddleworth Primary School OSHC

Job Details Here

Regional Director

Happy Haven

Flyer Here

Job Description Here

OSHC Director, Level 6

Happy Haven, Fulham Gardens

Job Details Here

OSHC Director, Level 6

Happy Haven, Keller Road

Job Details Here

Qualified Educators

Wynn Vale School OSHC

Job Details Here

Qualified Educators, Level 3 & 4

Alberton OSHC

For Job Details click here

CSE Level 4 Job Description click here

CSE Level 3 Job Description click here

Applicant Declaration Here

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